AttentvAds launches world first attention verification

Feb 10, 2022

SYDNEY, AU – FEBRUARY 10, 2022 – AttentvAds, today announces the launch of the worlds first platform for verifying attention. AttentvAds works with agencies, brands and publishers to measure attention as part of digital campaign performance. Using a proprietary algorithm, attention can be independently measured and scored by examining a common set of metrics available inside the ad session across mobile app, mobile web and desktop.

“Over the past 18 months we have seen attention become an essential metric in determining campaign success. With privacy and tracking under pressure, advertisers are looking at ways to improve brand outcomes and insights agains the backdrop of an evolving regulatory landscape.” Says Jason Cooper, CEO and co-founder of AttentvAds. “Further we’re seeing a number of options now available to advertisers, but we wanted to provide a solution that could scale, provide realtime insights and feedback, and allow campaigns to be optimized in flight.” AttentvAds looks to verify attention across by taking a standardized approach across all environments where the ad might be running.

“We’re excited because the AttentvAds solution can provide that realtime insight that is required and doesn’t rely on panels and other eye tracking solutions which are small, don’t scale and impractical when realtime feedback is critical for success” Jason Cooper added.

About AttentvAds

The team behind AttentvAds are experts in building for ‘hard to measure’ environments. Having spent 5 years delivering mobile verification at IAS and providing the framework for the Open Measurement SDK, the team is now focused on independently verifying attention.

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Feb 10, 2022

AttentvAds launches world first attention verification

SYDNEY, AU – FEBRUARY 10, 2022 – AttentvAds, today announces the launch of the worlds first ...
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AttentvAds standardizes attention metrics for digital campaigns

The team at AttentvAds has years of experience building ad technology and verification products. And we’ve delivered solutions that solve problems in unique and challenging environments including native and mobile in-app. We love measurement, but more than that, building products that deliver empirical, evidence based metrics that help buyers make better buying decisions.

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