Verifying Attention

As attention metrics become a critical component of measuring campaign outcomes, the market requires a solution that should be truly agnostic. A solution that not only measures attention itself, but can also verify those signals that contribute to an attention score.

At AttentvAds we have developed an algorithm that has identified a uniform set of metrics that remain constant across the core digital advertising environments: online, mobile app & mobile web. Our attention score is rooted in being able to identify these signals and deliver a robust, cross device, cross network score with a high degree of confidence. Being able to verify each signal regardless of environment means we can deliver consistent, actionable insights and offer verifiable metrics that stand up to scrutiny.

Attention Score
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AttentvAds standardizes attention metrics for digital campaigns

The team at AttentvAds has years of experience building ad technology and verification products. And we’ve delivered solutions that solve problems in unique and challenging environments including native and mobile in-app. We love measurement, but more than that, building products that deliver empirical, evidence based metrics that help buyers make better buying decisions.

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