The Attention Score

In developing our algorithm for attention we needed to ensure a model that offered measurement consistency regardless of the environment, as well as the availability of signals. In addition to ensuring these constant values, it was a requirement that each signal was able to justify its existence and demonstrate value in bringing together the score.

The AttentvAds algorithm brings 6 key metrics that consider the values of time, human engagement and consider the ad placement quality itself. Together the signals under these themes come together to form a score underpinned by robust signal processing. The scoring is remarkable as it shows how performance varies by publisher, publisher ad placement and the supply path taken in getting the ad on screen.

Attention Score
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AttentvAds standardizes attention metrics for digital campaigns

The team at AttentvAds has years of experience building ad technology and verification products. And we’ve delivered solutions that solve problems in unique and challenging environments including native and mobile in-app. We love measurement, but more than that, building products that deliver empirical, evidence based metrics that help buyers make better buying decisions.

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